About The Band

The Dolmen are a relentless organic Celtic rock band born from the county of Dorset, England. Their mission has been to infiltrate the minds and souls of a growing audience with their tribal rhythms and powerful spiritual renditions. 


The Dolmen was founded by prolific song writer & lead singer, Taloch Jameson and after a few changes over the years, the current line up has been solid since 2010 when drummer, Chris Harris, joined to complete the experience. Josh Elliott, lead guitarist, joined The Dolmen family in 2009 and Kayleigh Marchant, bass guitar & vocals, became a member in 2008. After breaking into Europe The Dolmen then found Anja Novotny, flutes & keyboard, in 2015. 


Their latest album ‘NUADA’ released in 2016 is emblematic of their success, and testament to the band's artistic evolution and enthusiasm, described by Van Muylem of SNOOZECONTROL “as an exceptional trip”. The release of ‘NUADA’ has also found The Dolmen nominated in the ‘Bastaard Fantasy Awards’ for best album internationally and nominated best live act internationally, of which   they won in both categories.


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Taloch Jameson

Lead vocals, 8 & 6 String Acoustic &Electric guitars, Singer Song Writer.

Taloch the founder member of The Dolmen was born and raised an Islander from the Uk coast. Taloch's music and rough edge suits well the heritage of which he is bred. Drawing from folklore, legend and historical accounts to build a musical identity of a Celtic age. His ancient spiritual ethos of freedom & peace has inspired many within the new age and he has become familiar with many on Radio and TV across the UK and main land Europe as the Founder of the Dolmen Grove Organisation. Taloch has never lost his cultural musical roots and as the master musterer, drives his music with the passion and fire of the Celtic people.



Josh Elliott

Song Writer, Multi Instrumentalist specializing in Electric Guitar, Banjo & Vocals.

Taking life in his stride Josh took The Dolmen by storm adding his own original style of Celtic & Medieval music. His first album being the Crabchurch Conspiracy, of which he composed along side Taloch Jameson producing some outstanding musical compositions. 
Josh is a true Island Celt, his passion for tradition and love of folklore shines in his music and entertains with classical precision of all tastes.



Kayleigh Marchant

Song Writer, Bass Guitar & Vocals

Kayleigh's vocal and driving bass make each performance a poetic festivity of party fun. Her musical style compliments the energy of her spirit and being a lover of Celtic music from a young age made fitting in with the band was very easy from the start. Her song writing influence over the albums is, and continues to be, very much a massive part of Dolmen identity and rebel spirit.



Chris Jones

Drummer and percussion

Chris brings a unique style of Celtic Drumming from the highlands, his high energy is an integral element to the Dolmen sound that has become unique amongst Celtic Rock today. But also his driving energy fulfils the essence of the band it self. Chris, loves to be involved in all kinds of Celtic projects, that help promote the progressive and traditional sounds of tribal music, drums and the spirit of the people.



Anja Novotny

Whistles, Bagpipes and Flute

Multi instrumentalist, Anja, has made many stage appearances with us and fits in brilliantly not only because of her talent but awesome stage performances and beautiful personality. Its been a honour and a joy to have her on the stage with us, as well as featuring on our next album.