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00 31 (0) 624630631

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Festivals & Concerts
The Dolmen

2014 Concert & Festival Dates
Nuada God of the Sun Tour 2014

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The Dolmen
Management Marloes Visser - 00 31 (0) 624630631
Contact for Gig and Booking Information.
UK Sound Tech Kirsty Kelly
Tour Manager Steve Booth
- 07704418490
Merchandise Mark Vine


Fri. 4th O’Caileagh’s Groningen, The Netherlands

Sat. 5th Pagan Federation International Conference Lunteren , The Netherlands

Fr. 25th Beltane Camp 

Sat. 26th Beltane Camp

Sun 27th Beltane Camp

Fr.2nd Royal Exchange Portland UK
Fr.9th New Inn Littlemoor Weymouth Uk

Sat 17th Rapalje Festival*Neatherlands

Sun 18th Rapalje Festival* Netherlands

30th Pirates Keep, Nelson in Poole. UK



Sat. 7th MPS Hohenwestedt, Germany  

Sun. 8th MPS Hohenwestedt, Germany 

Sat.14th Duncarron Scotland

Sun. 15th Duncarron Scotland

Fr. 20th  Feuertanz Festival, Germany

Sat. 21st 3 Wishes Festival UK 



Fr. 4th  KMF, Nieuweschans, The Netherlands

Sat. 5th  KMF Nieuweschans , The Netherlands

Sun. 6th KMF Nieuweschans, The Netherlands

 Sat.12th MPS Buckeburg I, Germany

Sun. 13th MPS Buckeburg I, Germany

25th or 26th Forever Sun Festival



Sat. 2nd Castlefest Netherlands
Sun. 3rd Castlefest Netherlands

Sat. 9th  Children of Artemis  

Sat. 16th Burgfolk Festival, Mullhouse, Germany


Fr. 22nd -25th Tribal Dreams Uk



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