The Banquet - This 14 Track album is a sincere blend of Medieval Celtic Rock, unique to the Dolmen spirit.

Recording started at the end of the 2013 tours in Europe. It draws upon the atmospheric influence of the year where the band spent much of their time gigging Medieval and Celtic festivals. 2013 was a year that marked a significant change for The Dolmen both magically and musically, with a new line up in the band, the Dolmen's Journey took an unexpected twist in its path, this has led to the new, fresh exciting portrayal of the bands new adventure of musical discovery.

"All of us here at The Dolmen would like to express our deepest thanks and appreciation to everyone who has supported us over the years for without your support we would never have been able to accomplish all we have. Music is our greatest love our gateway to all worlds and to write as we do is completely inspired by the people and the places we have experienced".