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The band are preparing the world stage for the release of their new album  

**NUADA (god of the sun)**

Work on the album has been going on for some 3 years since its beginning although whilst working on the project they have still  managed to release an extra 4 unscheduled albums.
Wytchlord, The Banquet, Ballad of Cape Clear and the instrumental classic Journey.

New Merchandise for 2015 includes sew on Badges and zipper Hoodies.
Nuada T-Shirts will be ready just prior to the Official Release. 

Introducing Anja Novotny, the guest musician on our next album Nuada.


We met Anja on tour in Europe back in 2011 at the Dutch festival KMF with the band, Metusa. Although we did not get to meet much at this time we meet again a year later in Germany at the MPS festival Rastede. We shared the stage with Metusa performing some songs together, which was pretty damn crowded but awesome fun!! As time went on we Anja left Metusa to become a mother but having such an amazing passion for music that she missed it. So then came the idea for her to be a Guest Artist with us!! With Anja's amazing talent on the pipes and whistles...what could be better!!


Check Out the Dolmen Grove Magazine For More on The Dolmen with Anja Novotny 

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