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Many Thanks To All Of You Who Have Placed Your Early Bird Orders.
But Don't Worry Everyone Who Missed The Pre Orders.
Nuada Will Be Officially For Sale Soon. Keep Watch Here and on Facebook For Updates!


It's almost around the clock sessions to complete Nuada, 
It may sound a bit weird but we are so close to this album it's become a birthing process that has us all biting our nails.
It's because the length of time spent with it and our fear of failing to achieve our magical and musical aim to do the album true justice. 
Recording this album we have experienced so much and witnessed so much change within and without.
We are continuously humbled by the support our family friends and many fest organisers have given us and the opportunity we have had to be part of this magical world, 

Front Cover of NUADA, by Sem Vine. 




The Making Of Our New Promo Video "Free Will" From Nuada

We've just spent a week with film producer & director Rainer Franzen, making this video for the launch of Nuada.

 More Pictures to follow soon!!!! Watch This Space xx


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